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Aggressive Muscle Recovery for Aggressive Competitors

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Athletes and Performance Centers around the world use the RecoveryPump sequential compression system as part of a daily regimen to relieve muscle fatigue, soreness and inflammation.

No other Active Compression System delivers the convenience, portability and value of RecoveryPump. At 5 lbs. (2.3Kg) the RecoveryPump goes where you do. Our Active Compression Gear like the RecoveryBoots, RecoveryArms and RecoveryCore, snap seamlessly into the same unit for fast, effective muscle recovery wherever you need it most.

RecoveryPump delivers medical grade compression to help rid the muscle of fatigue, soreness and inflammation.
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The Most Convenient Workout Recovery System on the Market

Active Compression technology has been used by doctors for years to treat both traumatic and chronic swelling in the joints, forcing the body to reabsorb fluids (edema) more rapidly, and RecoveryPump itself has been scientifically proven to help athletes accelerate exercise recovery and decrease occurrences of stiffness and pain.

RecoveryPump was the first to make this type of therapy available to athletes at home, without a prescription, used to:

  • Go beyond the body's natural muscle contraction, compressing the entire extremity in a "milking" sequence each cycle
  • Help remove edema from overworked muscles and joints
  • Increase delivery of oxygen to the site by increasing blood flow
  • Curb some effects of eccentric exercise like muscle tenderness, pain, stiffness and swelling often associated with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

RecoveryPump products, including RecoveryBoots and RecoveryArms, are highly effective and convenient to use. The boots, sleeves and connecting hoses can be quickly snapped into the same medical-grade compression unit, and the entire system weighs less than 5 pounds. Carry a complete muscle recovery system with you wherever you go. There is no complex user manual or programming interface, each sequential cycle offloads the entire limb, and custom sizing is available.